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A short hop, an unforgettable break

Every July, one of the most beautiful harbour towns in Ireland, just 20 minutes from Cork Airport, comes alive with art, music, drama, dance, words, ideas, and that famed, indefinable, but utterly unforgettable Irish ingredient – craic.

Add to that the fact that Kinsale is known around the world as Ireland’s gourmet capital, and is a gateway to the untamed west of Ireland (as well as just half an hour from Cork City, one of Lonely Planet’s top ten city destinations in 2012), and you have the perfect recipe for a wonderful visit.

In just two hours, you could be here

Think all the fun of Edinburgh, but in a more intimate size. You’ll find plays in pubs, concerts in caves, walking tours of discovery, poets holding forth, writers leading workshops, classical music in atmospheric churches, and art installations in an historic fort by the sea. The whole town gets involved, and international acts rub shoulders with local talent, as everyone gets to meet everyone in the brilliant bars and restaurants of Kinsale.

Maybe you already know how much fun a visit to Ireland can be, or perhaps you’ve been waiting for the ideal time to relax and soak in some of the most beautiful scenery imaginable. Either way, with direct flights and sea links, it can be quicker to reach Kinsale than many parts of the UK – and, as the most all-encompassing cultural experience around, the Kinsale Arts Festival is the most unforgettable way to do it.

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