This Is Not My Voice Speaking – Ant Hampton // Britt Hatzius

Municipal Hall

19-28 September (Times Vary)
4:00 pm

Tickets €10

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Clever, slickly choreographed and well executed

The Irish Times

Please note the following revised opening times. This show is not suitable for under 12s.

Monday 22 – Thursday 25 September: 4pm-8pm

Friday 26 – Saturday 27 September: 12-8pm

Sunday 28 September: 12-6pm

This Is Not My Voice Speaking is a viagra for sale playful, interactive theatre experience for an intimate audience. By following a simple set of instructions, the audience collaborates with a series of machines – and each other – to perform the piece themselves.

Nowadays there are voices coming at us from every which way.

From our phones, from cheap viagra checkout counters, from cars, weighing scales, you name it. No-one is there, it’s a recording.

It’s been happening for years. We think we’re used to it, but we’re not.

In truth, a recorded voice still has an immediately uncanny effect upon us.

Taking us back in time just a generic viagra few years to when recordable media was still visible, touchable and perishable.


leads us deep into that uncanny territory until we’re laughing without being quite sure why.

Two, three or four of you, alone with the machines in the room.

Turn on the slide projector.

Start the film projector.

This button? No no, like in the picture – turn it.

Now the tape. Turn it over. Press play.

Use your finger to speed up the record, or slow it down.

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 A playful, interactive theatre experience at the Municipal Hall.

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This Is Not My Voice Speaking considers buy viagra the phenomenon of recorded voices and images and asks how our relationship to them is changing.

This is a non-seated show.

Presented at and developed during the festival ALMOST CINEMA at Vooruit, Ghent, October 2011

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